What is YDP?
A Youth Development Program aimed at helping youth of all ages & backgrounds, to start exploring their potential, learn how to achieve goals, develop the mindset to do hard things, become a better version of themselves, find happiness, establish the habits and skills necessary to live with purpose, intention & become leaders of tomorrow.  
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What YDP Means? 
Programs & Courses
YDP4LIFE -  uses cutting edge teaching techniques along with experiential learning to instill the successful behaviors and mindset necessary to DREAM big, CREATE that dream, and LIVE the life they desire.  
Dream. Create. Live - Academy
ACADEMY – designed using experiential learning activities – to challenge youth to step in to their greatness, pursue their passions, dream BIG, create that dream and live the life they desire. It has been instrumental in helping the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow and explore their potential. 
Online Courses & Webinars - 
Jared Larsen - is one of the most talented, inspirational and motivational speakers, trainers and coaches around.  He is thrilled to announce that coming soon, YDP will be offering courses online, virtual webinars and even a podcast.  Check back soon for the live launch of the YDP Online portal! Dream, Create, Live
Spiritual Warrior Camp - SWC
WORLD CLASS RETREAT & ACADEMY - that creates an environment for youth to engage in experiential learning activities, while exploring the habits, mindset, behaviors and rituals necessary to create lasting spiritual change capable of helping them step in to their Spiritual Warrior. It helps youth develop there testimony as a foundational piece in there life and a new perspective on living a life centered in Christ.
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Here's what they're sayin' about YDP!
"Everyone at some point fails, yet the people who learn from there failures are the ones who succeed. YDP not only straightened me out, it prepared me for the future. YDP is a life changer, period.” - Hunter
“YDP is an amazing program that helped me realize the skills, confidence, discipline and accountability needed to reach my full potential. This program truly changed my life and is something everyone should participate in.” John Wayne once said, “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid." -Grant
"YDP is seriously the greatest program ever. If you are needing direction, purpose or clarity in your life, YDP is a game changer. I have grown so much and have started to progress in to the individual I desire to be. I am now truly able to DREAM, CREATE, LIVE.” - Chase
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