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Why & Mantra

“Every morning when I wake up and my two feet hit the ground, I desire to have at least one conversation with somebody, that by having such conversation could potentially change their life forever. Not any one conversation should change anyone’s life, but any one conversation could.”
– Jared Larsen


Jared Larsen is a passionate, energetic and caring individual that truly desires to bless the lives of those around him. He is one of the most talented, inspirational and motivational speakers, trainers and coaches around. He is the Founder of YDP4LIFE, a cutting edge youth development program focusing on developing and helping our future leaders discover the confidence, tools, skills, talents, habits and mindset to achieve their full potential. His mission in life is to help influence change in the youth of today and is paramount to living his dream.


God is the cornerstone of Jared's life.  He is a man of faith, who believes that the God loves each of us and desires to bless our lives significantly.  On Jared's journey to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ, he has come to understand that our savior listens to and answers our prayers.  He knows our specific needs and is waiting to pour out the blessing we desire in our lives.  Jared has come to find that happiness can be found in worldly things around him, however, "true joy" can only be experienced by feeling the pure love of Christ.   

Jared's Family Life

Family means everything to Jared.  He believes that being a loving, caring and nurturing husband and father, is the highest calling in life.  His wife and children are the inspiration for him to Dream, Create, Live and are the most important people in his life.  He has a deep love for spending time with them, belly laughing, teaching, learning, crying, and being complete goof balls together.
"My family is just pure awesomeness.  They bring so much joy and happiness in to my life.  I love my wife with every fiber in my soul and care for my children with all the tender love in the world.  I can't imagine spending my life learning, growing and experiencing all of life's opportunities with anyone else!!!" - Jared Larsen  

Jared's Little's

Jared's most sacred gifts in life are his beautiful children Ryder and Ava. Well... almost the most sacred.  His most treasured blessing is his companion and heavenly angelic wife, Kayla. When Jared has a spare moment, you will find him loving on his kids, wrestling with them, teaching them to be loving and humble children, tickling them, teaching them to explore new things, skip rocks, cannonball in to the pool, whistle or sing as loud as they can. If you have met Jared he has an unusual amount of energy and zest for life, likely only outdone by his energetic son, Ryder.  His beautiful princess, Ava, came in to this world with a special story and purpose that is truly amazing.  When you meet her, you can feel her special spirit.     

Let the Good Times Roll - Jared

When Jared is not working, he loves spending time with his family.  He especially loves jamming on the guitar, cycling, engaging in any athletic activity, traveling and enjoying the outdoors. He truly loves creating new experiences - from camping in the backwoods to serving others.  He also loves engaging in meaningful conversations with everyone he comes in contact with and can typically be found talking to a stranger at Costco while his wife shops! Jared is an experiencer... and loves to try new things. He has a perpetual desire to continue to grow and learn.  "I am never done growing and I can never experience enough new things that will give me an increased knowledge, a new perspective and new stories to tell." - Jared Larsen 


As an involved member in the community and the lives of youth, Jared has a passion and found much success as a High School Varsity soccer coach and has been working with athletes for the past 14 years. He has helped the Boise High School Varsity soccer team win 4 State Championships and 6 District Championships. He has also coached at the club level and has won numerous State Championships as well.  More important than winning championships, Jared places an incredible emphasis on the “journey,” development and growth of the kids/athletes and who they become during the process. Those who have had the opportunity to meet Jared understand his passion, energy and desire to bless the lives of those around him.  
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