TRANSFORMATIONAL & INSPIRING Academy that uses experiential activities smashed together with real world principles to help our youth overcome the challenges they are faced with today and develop the talents and skills necessary to become the future leaders of tomorrow. 

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Jared Larsen

CEO & Founder - YDP4LIFE

Kayla Larsen

Director of Everything
What do you do at the Dream. Create. Live - Academy 
The Academy Addresses the following topics - Attitude, Mindset, Communication, Peer Pressure, Confidence, Self-worth, Affirmations, How to public speak, Goal Setting, Secrets to Success, How to Overcome Fears, Service, Habits, Respect, Love, Compassion and ultimately how to Reach Your Full Potential.
Dream, Create, Live Academy
* Become a Leader 
* Overcome adversity & Challenges
* Repel off cliffs
* Overcome your Fears
* Break boards 
* Slack-line & Find Balance in progression
* Climb mountains & Do Hard Things
* Learn & Explore Gratitude 
* Free fall in to your success 
* Make amazing friends
* Learn to Extemporaneously Speak 
* Find yourself 
* Create your future
* Learn to share your story
* Set Goals, Make Promises & Achieve
* Dream Big, Create the Dream & Live it
Meet - Jared Larsen
Come spend some time with Jared Larsen, one of the most passionate, energetic and caring individuals that truly desires to bless the lives of those around him. He is one of the most talented, inspirational and motivational speakers, trainers and coaches around. His mission in life is to help influence change in the youth of today and is paramount to living his dream.
Dream, Live, Create
Have you ever felt like you need clarity and direction in life. Have you ever said, “no one understands me,” or felt “stuck?” Perhaps you have even asked yourself if you matter? Maybe you desire to learn how to achieve goals and overcome your fears. Perhaps, you simply want to become an influential leader? If so, this academy is definitely for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Long is the Program? - The Program typically last 8 weeks with the youth attending the academy one evening a week.  
  • How long are the academy sessions? - Each academy session lasts 2 hours. There are a couple weeks where the session runs a little longer because of the nature of the experential activity. 
  • How much does it cost? - The program only costs $599 for the entire course and includes all of the activities, materials etc. There are opportunities for scholarship-ing on a needs basis, as a result of awesome program supporters. Contact me to learn more.
  • Is this program only for kids that are struggling - Absolutely not.  This course helps youth of all ages, all backgrounds, all walks of life, all cultures, all demographics and is intended to help create confident - leaders. This academy doesn't fix broken people.  This academy focuses on the strengths, talents and skills we all possess and helps the youth learn to exercise those very muscles and become the individuals the desire to become! So, if your kid is struggling, or already amazing, this program is for you! 
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