Life Changing Retreat: YDP Ohana - Presents
Spiritual Warrior Camp (Hawaii) - SWC4LIFE
World class event that creates an environment for youth to engage in experiential learning and an opportunity to explore the habits, mindset and rituals necessary to create lasting change and step in to their Spiritual Warrior.  
*** Disclaimer - This is not just a fun vacation. SWC4LIFE is situated on the beautiful North Shore of Hawaii, but will be hard.  It will push, challenge and engage each participant by doing difficult things. It will challenge you, physically, mentally, spiritually and personally. It won't be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Most importantly everyone will walk away knowing how amazing they are and how much their heavenly father loves them and desires to bless their lives!     

When: August 14th - 20th, 2017

1 Week of Pure Awesome

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CEO - Jared Larsen

Venue - Windward Retreat Center 

Island of Oahu, HI (North Shore) 

All inclusive Retreat

What Will YOU do at this Event?
About - SWC4LIFE
SWC4LIFE is a week long retreat on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii! Developed by world class youth development leader, Jared Larsen and his amazingly talented wife, Kayla - This retreat was designed to help our awesome and talented youth find their INNER WARRIOR and foster an environment to help youth truly find "Who They Are." This week long experience will intentionally develop and strengthen their testimony of the gospel and help them learn their way towards personal inspiration and the ability to believe in themselves and the savior.  All YDP'ers will participate in experiential learning activities - smashed with gospel principles to foster an atmosphere conducive to inviting the spirit and allowing the spirit to teach in ways that are unprecedented. Each YDP'er will walk away with a full knowledge of who they are and have a testimony and belief in some faucet of the gospel.  Upon completion of the course, Each YDP'er will participate in a graduation ceremony and Luau, in which they will graduate and receive a certificate of completion they can place on their resume and college entrance applications.
What Do YOU Do?
Explore Your Inner Warrior, Develop and purposefully identify your focus and direction in life, Learn to overcome Challenges and Fear, Develop your own Personal Testimony, Learn to Dream, Create & Live, Develop Self Belief & Self Confidence, Create & record Affirmations,  Develop habits and rituals that bring you closer to God, Learn to become Ohana (Family), Embrace the Aloha Spirit and spend plenty of time "finding themselves" by serving others.

Daily Prayer (Both as Ohana and Personally), Daily Journaling, Daily Scripture Study, Ohana Home Evening, Daily Devotionals, Service Projects, Goal Setting,  Soul Searching, Finding Balance, Repelling, Slacklining, Board Breaking, Surfing, Snorkeling, Eat amazing food,  Free Fall, Climb Mountains,  Extemporaneous Speaking and Testimony Meetings - daily... and more!  

Live Your Spiritual Warrior!
SWC4LIFE Specifics  
The camp will start on Monday, August 14th. Where YDP'ers will arrive on the island and be picked up, personally by me and our counselors, in our YDP shuttle van.  The shuttle times will be 12:00PM and 3:00PM. (May vary depending on Flight times) 
Camp will conclude on Monday August 21st (Jared's Birthday) with the YDP Shuttle Van delivering the youth to the airport for their return flights.  

Cost of the week long retreat - $1,300.00
All meals, activities and lodging will be covered in the cost of the retreat. 
Payment - Is due in full by July 14th so we can plan accordingly with exact numbers.

*** Note - cost of camp, does not include airfare to and from the island. Each YDP'er will be responsible for their own airfare.  
Upon registration, or requesting additional information, we  will be sending out the specifics of itinerary, disclaimers and camp documents.   

Please feel free to call or email with any questions: Jared Larsen 208-284-1731 or email - 
Don't take it from US... Here's What they're saying:
Hunter J. -  Boise, ID 
“Everyone at some point fails, yet the people who learn from there failures are the ones who succeed. YDP not only straightened me out, it prepared me for the future. It helped me find a relationship with Heavenly Father and encouraged me to make decisions that move me closer to light.  YDP is a life changer, period.”
Chase S. - Meridian, ID 
“YDP is seriously the greatest program ever. If you are needing direction, purpose or clarity in your life, YDP is the place to be. I have grown so much and have started to progress in to the individual I desire to be and that I know our savior desires for me. I am now truly able to DREAM, CREATE, LIVE.”
Grant G. - Salyulita, Mexico
“YDP is an amazing program that helped me realize the skills, confidence, discipline and accountability needed to reach my full potential. This program truly changed my life and is something everyone should participate in.” John Wayne once said, “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid." All I needed to do was honestly seek to gain my own personal testimony for myself, believe in myself and then live the life I know I need to live”
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